Mugabe:Africa Should Be Grateful to Nyerere

President Robert Mugabe, centre left, his wife Grace, daughter Bona and her fiance Sam Chikoore cut his birthday cake during celebrations to mark his 90th Birthday.
I feel as youthful and energetic as a boy of nine- Mr Mugabe said before cutting his cake, surrounded with his wife, daughter Bona and her fiance 
90 Year old President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe returned from Singapore from eye surgery straight  to his birthday party hosted by his staff with many agenda's in mind,  one being the legacy of Mwalimu Nyerere.
Julius Nyerere, Africa's elder statesman. Behind Nyerere are Kaunda, Machel, Obote
He said African leaders should do more to honor Dr Nyerere who made his country a sanctuary for liberation movements.

 “I want to say, when all honour has been showered on heroes in Africa, the man who has been humiliated is Mwalimu Julius Nyerere,here we are, liberation movements, there we were - depending on the resources in Tanzania.But there has been nothing said about this man and his country at the OAU (Organisation of African Unity). krumah (of Ghana), yes, he had that support. I want us, Zimbabweans, to stand for Nyerere. Africa should be reminded of the responsibility that it thrust on this man, a burden to train all liberation movements, At the end of the day, there is no one to say Tanzania deserved to be even mentioned, just mere mentioning as having accomplished that mission, that mission to have us as friends, that mission to make us train our liberation movements in Africa.We all went in various ways, in various dimensions, to Tanzania to liberate our countries and we have not gone back to Tanzania.Well, I am going to be chair of the AU and I am going to tackle this issue. There is none at all who have recognised what Nyerere did.We of Zimbabwe are not ungrateful, we are not ingrates. We are a grateful nation and we shall undertake to honour this man.”