Smart Solutions: Luxury Buses in Dar Es Salaam to solve Traffic Congestion

Now we all know the public transport in Dar Es Salaam is in shambles, but well, as the citizen reports, real soon we’re going to have buses with restaurants and internet cafes by the end of this year!!  The Entrepreneur behind this idea, Mr Simon Robert Kisena hopes to solve the traffice congestion in Dar by providing car owners with these luxurious alternatives! Smart solutions! Read the story below
The country’s commercial capital, Dar es Salaam, will have 3,000 modern buses that are furnished with an Internet café, wireless Internet and a mini-restaurant by the end of this year, The Citizen Website has learntMr Simon Robert Kisena, an entrepreneur who have acquired the former State-owned transport firm, UDA, short for “Usafiri Dar es Salaam” (Transport in Dar es Salaam), says he wants to fix the current city public transport woes within the next twelve months.Yesterday, Mr Kisena whose acquisition of UDA attracted a lot of criticism, especially from those who had vested interests in the firm, launched 200 buses, which will ply Dar’s roads effective today (Monday).The 200 buses, with the capacity to carry 40 passengers each, are part of the 1,100 PSVs the businessman has purchased in a Sh100 billion-plus deal. He told The Citizen that within the next three months, there would be more than 700 modern buses.Before the end of the year, Mr Kisena told The Citizen, there would be a fleet of 3,000 buses operating in Dar es Salaam City and its environs.His plan is to make UDA the leading public transport provider in Dar es Salaam before it expands operations countrywide. “We want to control 50 per cent of the market share…we want to revolutionise the way people travel in Dar.”“We shall be able to operate on the same charges within the next three years without any fare increase, on the basis of the calculations we have done.”The 41-year old also wants to target private car owners with the aim to making them leave their vehicles behind, the aim being to reduce traffic jams. Hence, come next April, his company will launch 50 luxury metro buses. The executive buses will be deployed in selected city areas as a pilot project targeting the motorists as well as the Henry group—Higher Earners Not Rich Yet individuals.