Tanzania Home of the next wave of African millionaires..

What  a lovely way to start a beautiful morning, lovely title ey, nice ring to it…Tanzania, one of the fastest growing economies in the world is also home to most of East Africa’s Millionaires, + 30% of Tz millionaires reside in Dar Es Salaam (according to cnbc Africa) *takes first flight back to the city* Read the full story below…

Image credits; Akemi
Tanzania’s nurturing of dollar millionaires is quickly turning it into a haven for luxury goods and a new niche market to capitalise on.“It’s starts from quite a low base, which obviously helps to boost growth, but also there are a number of sectors that are doing quite well in Tanzania, including banking, construction, tourism, manufacturing, retail and transport and logistics as well. Those sectors are driving growth particularly in the millionaire space,” New World Wealth analyst Andrew Amoils told CNBC Africa.According to the African 2013 Wealth Book report, the East African region’s newest millionaires are now likely to come from Tanzania.Other key findings from the report include the discovery that over 30 per cent of Tanzanian millionaires live in Dar es Salaam, the capital city, and that the sectors expected to drive growth in the country in future are the telecoms, healthcare and insurance sectors.-CNBC AFRICA