Fashion 2112

What will Fashion Editorials look like in 2112?
Senegalese Photographer might have an idea...
We are in the year 2112. Humans have finally become masters of their creative ability.
I must say it did not have too many choices, this man, who became a victim of its own waste, waste he produced and thrown briskly for centuries, unscrupulous.
Fashion 2112 is a visual projection of what could become our standard of beauty and elegance; the day will throw in very bad taste.
Plastic, paper, scrap, fine materials and elegant 22 century!

Surprising, yes, but possible ...- Omar Victor Diop

The statistics say
The Top 10 Largest waste producing countries are respectively, United States produces 254 million tons of garbage every year. 
Russia, produces over 200 million tons of garbage every year.
Japan produces around 52.36 million tons of trash every year. 
Germany produces approximately 48.84 tons of garbage each year.
The United Kingdom's 60 million people produce around 34.85 million tons of trash every year
Mexico has an annual waste production of around 32.17 million tons
France also produced an estimated amount of 32.17 million tons of trash per year
Italy produces around 29.74 million tons of waste annually
Spain produces 26.34 million tons of waste every year
Turkey produces 25.99 million tons of garbage annually
could he be right?