Smart Solutions: Aqua Billboards

Finally, a Billboard That Creates Drinkable Water Out of Thin Air,Just when you’ve seen it all…technology never fails to surprise me. I usually share smart solutions of problems hitting Africa but this Billboard in Peru really impressed me, things we should consider trying. The First water producing billboard
This billboard located in Lima, Peru, and it produces around 100 liters of water a day from nothing more than humidity, a basic filtration system and a little gravitational ingenuity.
Lima, the largest city in Peru and the fifth largest in all of the Americas, with 7.6 million people  sits along the southern Pacific Ocean, the humidity in the city averages 83% its also a coastal desert: It lies at the northern edge of the Atacama, the driest desert in the world, meaning the city sees perhaps half an inch of precipitation annually (Lima is the second largest desert city in the world after Cairo). Lima thus depends on drainage from the Andes as well as runoff from glacier melt — both sources on the decline because of climate change.

Enter the University of Engineering and Technology of Peru (UTEC), which was looking for something splashy to kick off its application period for 2013 enrollment. It turned to ad agency Mayo DraftFCB, which struck on the idea of a billboard that would convert Lima's H2O-saturated air into potable water. And then they actually built one.
It's not entirely self-sufficient, requiring electricity to power the five devices that comprise the billboard's inverse osmosis filtration system, each device responsible for generating up to 20 liters. The water is then transported through small ducts to a central holding tank at the billboard's base, where you'll find — what else? — a water faucet. According to Mayo DraftFCB, the billboard has already produced 9,450 liters of water (about 2,500 gallons) in just three months, which it says equals the water consumption of "hundreds of families per month." -SOURCE