Smart Solutions: Handmade Medicinal Soaps

 While we’re sitting on our bums complaining about unemployment Twenty-one-year-old Domitila Silayo is making soaps! Self made Entrepreneur! She is the founder of Jatropha Soap Production, which produces handmade soap with medicinal uses!
Be inspired!
Silayo was the second runner up for the 2013 Anzisha Prize, a competition that recognises and celebrates young entrepreneurs in Africa who are using entrepreneurship to solve problems in their communities. She told How we made it in Africa that she is using the award money to modify her product range, and will then look at diversifying her products.

The idea of producing Jatropha soap came to her when she and her brother attended an agricultural festival in 2012 and were introduced to some of the medicinal and cosmetic uses of the Jatropha plant in the country. “The plant has seeds and we extract oil from the seeds and we use the oil to make soaps. We have Jatropha plants in our country but people are not using it,” explained Silayo. “So I thought that was an opportunity and started making the soap.”After researching how to make soap and raising finance from family to buy oil and equipment, Silayo and her brother went into producing Jatropha soap from a room they have rented. Today they produce about 1,000 bars of soap a month and have one other full-time employee.

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