Barclays Robbery Might have been Staged

The Police are still conducting a thorough investigation on the Barclays Bank Kinondoni Branch robbery days ago, but it has been revealed that the robbery might have been staged, according to the citizen newspaper. Chrissakes, Somebody is watching too much movies out there ..
The “robbery” took place at around 9.30am last Tuesday and involved three men, who had arrived at the bank on a motorcycle. One remained outside while his accomplices entered the branch and walked out a few minutes later with a big bag that was purportedly stuffed with hundreds of millions of shillings.The three men jumped on their motorcycle and sped away. Police arrived at the scene about 20 minutes later.No shot was fired and the casual manner of the “robbers” raised eyebrows.

According to the citizen, drama unfolded when one of the bank’s employees volunteered to spill the beans as soon as he entered the interrogation room. The employee told investigators that a huge amount of money had already been stolen at the branch and the “robbery” was a way of covering up the theft. He said the police officer in question knew everything beforehand.
“He pleaded with investigators not to be too hard on him as he was ready to reveal the truth. At that juncture, one of the police officers asked to be allowed to leave the room, saying he was not feeling well.“As soon as the officer had left, the Barclays employee said the officer who had just gone out knew everything about the plot,” the source said.

Noticing that the officer was taking too long to return to the interrogation room, his boss telephoned him, only to be told by the officer that he had gone home because he was not feeling well.When his bosses decided to trace him to his home, the officer was nowhere to be seen, and the gun he was carrying was found abandoned at a corner of the police building.
Source:The citizen