Darth Vader Runs For President in Ukraine

Imperial leader Darth Vader  just joined the Ukrainian presidential race as a representative of the country's "Internet party”Crazy yes? The ‘Internet Party’ even paid the $225,000 fee to register Vader as a presidential candidate. What's more, Vader has demanded a plot of land to park his space ship. Stunt for fun or are these guys serious? Who knows…its not the first time the ‘Darth Vader’ involved himself with politics,Last November, he was carried by his Stormtroopers to Odessa City Hall in Odessa, Ukraine, where he declared himself mayor, in  2012 he ran for a parliamentary seat winning 3% of the write-in vote, which was thrown out by election officials.
The Ukrainian presidential election is on May 25. It was prompted by the ousting of former president Viktor Yanukovych after months  protests.





The video below is of last year when Darth Vader declared himself mayor of Odessa, Ukraine