Man Who Made 1 Billion A Day Says being Wealthy is Tormenting him

If you thought being rich was easy, think again.
Digital Speed Governors which David sold at Tshs 751,000 each at rush hour
 (Original price is Tshs 350-370,000)

Local businessman, David Kiarie of Dalcom Enterprise,Nairobi says his life has become a nightmare  after reports that he made Sh 75 million (1.4 Billion Tshs)  overnight spread like wildfire…he made this amount by selling 5000 speed governors for Sh 40,000 each. The New Matatu Law in Kenya demands all Matatu's (Buses) be fixed with new digital speed governors and David still has 2000 more speed governors to sell, he imported a huge consignment of speed governors. 
 “I have never made that kind of money. Since the news was made, people, including cartels and prostitutes, have been calling me. Even my bank where I took the loan to start up the business has joined the chase. It wants to know why the turnover is not reflected on my account,” Kiarie told Nairobian newspaper.

He cant go to the office because people are queuing up asking for favors
He cant go to the local pub because people are waiting on him to buy them free drinks
All his relatives are queuing up in his village home waiting to get a chunk of the money he made
The bank where he took the loan to start up his business are asking where he kept his money since it doesn’t reflect on his account
He has to switch off his phone because prostitutes suddenly think he is irresistible
He is afraid that his family might be kidnapped for ransom

And you thought poverty was hard?