Tanzania boys win 2014 Street Child World Cup

Across the world millions of children live and work on the streets. Street Child World Cup is a global campaign for street children to receive the protection and opportunities that all children deserve. Through football, art and the only international street child conference our aim is to challenge the negative perceptions and treatment of street children.
In 2014 the beautiful game returned to its spiritual home: Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, uniting teams of street children from up to 20 countries, drawing from a network of outstanding projects all campaigning for the rights of street children. This will ensure that street children’s voices are heard and that they will have the chance to play in the festival of football. The Road to Brazil begins now and we are running a number of international football and arts-based events to build momentum towards Brazil 2014.

This year Tanzania boys won the 2014 Street Child World Cup producing a powerful performance to beat their neighbours Burundi 3-1. After the game both teams joined together to stress that the Street Child World Cup was more than just a game, and to congratulate the players from all teams at the tournament.

Team Tanzania was organised by Tanzania Street Children Sports Academy which works with around 300 street children. TSCSA works in three areas; outreach through street-based work, using sport as an educational tool through work in schools and running a football academy.
Street Child World Cup partners include the Amos Trust (who founded Street Child World Cup in 2010), Momentum Arts (which led the arts programme in Durban 2010) and Action for Brazil’s Children (who will help with the Brazilian teams in 2014). Street Child World Cup is an initiative of UK registered charity Street Child United.
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