Happiness: A State Of Mind

Little streams gathering downhill to form a river and make way into the large vast ocean. Most people find peace with the ocean at the beach, I find peace with the rivers, flowing merrily downhill to one destination

When I was in high school I went to a school where, we could say the kids were better off.  Most were 13 and already had their own cars, chauffeured or drove… others were 16 and were being trained to run their family businesses and some were 12 and had properties in their names, accounts worth millions, wore real gold silver diamond jewelry to school and designer watches and bags...things they always talked about, their better off parents...Not that I was from a poor family, no we were average. Two cars, steak fish  and chicken once a week really means your doing pretty okay down here,  so I guess you could say we were good.
I remember one friend of mine whose name shall not be mentioned I found sitting at the school cafeteria one morning. He was really sad. I sat next to him trying to get into his mind about what was bothering him, he seemed extremely distant…
‘ My father says I have to go to Brussels next year, after high school, he has a company over there that he wants me to help him with it’

‘So what makes you sad?’

‘It involves a lot of traveling and running around, and I want to stay here with my friends’

You should’ve seen my face and his face. He looked like he had just been shot both legs twice and couldn’t walk and his eyes were crying for help while I looked like the gates of heaven had been opened and we had all been given a free pass to spend one day with Jesus and ask him random questions about ancient history and Adam and Eve ( Surely the apple wasn’t a paraphrase for sex, Jesus would know)  .
Yes. The Contrast.

 Truly, Happiness is a state of mind.
I used to think that to be happy, you need something….some money, some friends, some love, some benefits, some success…Boy was I wrong.
Here I was talking to a 16 year old boy who already has a made out company to run and an opportunity to travel the world and he isn’t happy because he wont see his friends, you’d think that boy would be thrilled. He wasn’t. It wasn’t his happiness, his happiness depended on his friends…they made him happy, the object of his happiness was probably just having a good time…but let me not take a toll on him…we all just want to have fun when  we’re 16.

There was a time when I passed through a really dark stage. I didn’t know what I wanted in life and I just wanted to be happy. I read thousand books went to psychiatrists…drank a little booze here and there wanting to catch the feeling, hung out a little more hoping these funny friends I had would bring me joy, went shopping for things  I probably didn’t need dated a  boy 3 years my junior because he had such a nice looking face I wanted to stare at him all day…surely this little guy would give me happiness…but in the end I’m in my bed at midnight and the feeling is not there. So I tried something new. I prayed. I sought happiness everywhere except within God.
I found it eventually almost immediately. It was and still Is a good feeling.
I read this quote once and never thought it made sense until now
“Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you, but rather what’s happening inside you. Most people depend on others to gain happiness, but the truth is, it always comes from within.”
We choose to be happy. It us

While I was chasing the emotion happiness I found out that most of my sadness was rooted by expectation.
I expected love to complete me, I expected friends to have my back, I expected parents to plan out MY GOALS ( extremely ridiculous by the way, again, I was an extremely lazy child) I expected life to move on on its own without a push. I expected education to give me know how benefits and riches lined out on my doorstep . I expected way too much.
I put myself in situations that brought me sadness, And I was a pessimist. 

No one else. No one makes us happy, nothing makes us happy but we and don’t ever depend on anyone for happiness, make peace within yourself and most importantly…..Find God, whatever God it is, whomever gives you peace when you meditate. I listen to people all the time who say they don’t believe in religion and I sigh. How can you not believe in religion and believe in God? So how do you talk to God? Because there can be gold across the lake, but you will never reach it if you don’t have a boat.
 Whatever religion it is, if it makes you heal when you’re wounded, stick to it.
 How we look at situations and accept them, believe in the brighter day and the silver lining.  That is what gives us joy.  No one will tell you how to be happy, you have to decide to be happy, stay positive.
That little boy could either be happy that his future is bright and he gets the grand opportunity of doing so much at his age and exploring the world or be sad that he wont get to see his friends.
Your only choice is to choose what you will embrace. When you discover that, you will understand that happiness is only a state of mind…its not a destination, or a road. Its all in our mind. Change your mind state …note down every little thing that makes you happy everyday and you will be happy. Everyday.

I hope these next happiness tips get you there. BE HAPPY Im  probably too young to be writing how to be happy books but hey these lil tips can help you find your way I hope.

Know when to let go of anything  or anyone that makes you sad.

 Inspire Your Atmosphere

 Enjoy Being You

 Know Your Weakest and Strongest Links

 Practise your Religion. Great Faith= Great Freedom

Count Your Blessings

Look for the  Good News

Choose to be happy

 Positive Communication, be good with your words they define your thinking

Find a way to  Create Happiness  where you find none

Figure out your priorities  

Don't let Others Tell You What Will Make you Happy       

Stay around the right company.

Don't keep in your life, any one who brings You Down  

Don't Bring Others Down 

Think Well of Everyone. Have no Expectations


Take Challenge as a game, and you will win, if not now, later.  

Do not punish You. Forgive yourself.

Do not follow your heart. Follow logic. Often emotions lead us astray

Think Positive. Always. Look at the bigger picture, there is perfection in imperfection.

And lastly. Your mind...Your situations...your happiness. Its in you. You choose.