MO takes on The Soft Drinks Industry

Mohammed Dewji
Yup, Mohammed Dewji ...the youngest richest Man on the Forbes list has a new way to 'Africa's Richest Man in 10 years... MO COLA!  There's no stopping em...right....
Forbes Reports...
 A recent announcement that A-One Products and Bottlers Ltd, a subsidiary of his company, MeTL Group has introduced a line of carbonated soft drinks in a variety of different flavors backed by a financial infusion of over USD $48 million. The investment includes development of state of the art manufacturing facilities with three world-class production lines which have a production capacity of 36 million crates per annum.
The new beverage line includes several unique flavors; Cola, Orange, Mango, Lemon and Malt. Additionally the initial launch will include energy drink “MO” Bomba which will compete with Red Bull and a new innovative drink “MO” Sheeba Shake. Dewji explained that “MO” Sheeba Shake is a “carbohydrate and protein-rich product” and because it is a “cereal-based beverage suitable for children and adults, it could also be used as a meal substitute.”