Vera Sidika's Transformation Makes Page Six

Kenyan Socialite skin color transformation made pagesix yesterday. Kenya's Kim Kardashian  spent millions on skin lightening treatments and lets just say now she is a little more yellow..okay ...alot. 
She was very open about the skin treatments in the interview below on TheTrend, A show on NTV Kenya.
What are your views on Skin lightening Personal choice or Something that needs to be battled...

The only thing I like about it is she was very open about it…
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Even though it’s dangerous, skin lightening is gaining popularity in Africa, with women flocking to makeshift clinics for the procedure. Sidika, 24, is just one of the women who chose to come forward about her desire for lighter skin.
“Looking good is my business,” she said on the talk show. “My body is my business, nobody else’s but mine.”
An aspiring singer, she says her idols inspired her to lighten up. “Nicki Minaj and Rihanna did it,” she claimed. “You just have to do it the right way.” See more here