What are Diplomatic Spouses in Tanzania Doing You Wonder?....

So Yeah...
Tanzanian  daily publication The Citizen's weekend   'woman'  mag dedicated an issue to Dimplomatic wives and their ordeals in Tanzania. Talking of their StayAll about Diplomatic sp, experience, hardships and The Diplomatic Spouses Group in Dar Es Salaam...I didn't know this existed until now..
 Diplomatic Spouses Group (DSG), a non profit organization comprising persons with diplomatic status in Tanzania whose mandate is to be a social and charitable organization.One thing the group is committed to doing is impacting the living conditions of Tanzanians, particularly the most vulnerable women, children and disabled.
On March 1 this year, hundreds of Dar residents, people from all walks of life thronged one of the International School of Tanganyika halls for a much awaited 2014 Annual Charity Bazaar, an initiative conducted by Nathalie and her colleagues.Since its inception in the 1960s, DSG which comprises 110 members has remained to be a social group serving a noble cause in Tanzania.
DSG Annual Charity Bazaar took place on on March 1st 2014.- The Citizen
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