20 Something Random Things About Me

 I got this tag from @Bongozfinest on Instagram and turned it into a post because its soooo long! And i failed to make it just 20. 
So here goes nothing...20  Something random things about Jackie

  1. I started grade one when I was 4 years old, making me the shortest youngest individual in every grade I advanced. Gee thanks mom and dad!(iKid) The only time I was in a class where I wasn't the shortest was in Grade 6. I prayed every night that year...thanking God for his kindness... and then it happened, my teachers advanced me from 6th grade to form 1, more tall people. I believe God has a good sense of humor. They called me Timmy all the way to form 4, if your a 90s kid you probably know who Timmy is..

  1. I'm melodramatic, I over express emotion. My cat died when I was 7, I had a funeral at home and demanded everyone in the family attend and say something nice about Gasper the cat. I cried for 2 hours when it was my turn. Non stop.

  1. I am the king of exaggeration when I need to spare people's emotions.

  1. I'm sarcastic, all the time. A little too much, some people don’t get it and think I'm serious and I don’t know how to tell em I'm being sarcastic, once I told someone I was an actual princes 'in Africa' in a sarcastic tone after they asked me if we still have Kings down there... got free food drinks VIP service and got kicked out the next time I stopped by that restaurant. Sigh. Liars must have good memory.

  1. I have only 3 Trophies...and they're the only thing you will see once you enter our living room at home. Yes, I am a shameless show off. And God understands, he limits  my moments. lol
  2. I'm an old soul. I watch more movies and listen to more music from the 40s 50s 60s and 80s.

  1. I have a diary for every year since 1999. I just love writing

  1. I can say hello in 15 different languages.... without blinking ( My Whole clan in the village is very proud of this, I feel so accomplished)

  1. I'm a typical Tanzanian who has 5 different accents. When I talk British to you  I Consider you very high on the food chain consider yourself special, French accent; I want to annoy you so you can leave me alone.

  1. I'm a loud thinker. this got me in trouble twice during national exams form 4 and form 6. My principal had a lot of explaining to do to the external invigilators, they didn't understand why I was mumbling things while thinking , they even tried to disqualify me, I cried and said it was an illness passed on from my great grandfather who was insane (please read the first 6 letters of number 3.)

  1. I can’t whisper. My biggest weakness, I just found out this year.

  1. I love animals, once I had 20 dogs 2 cats. They mysteriously disappeared one by one. I hate to believe someone in the family was selling them, I recall one of my Sisters having a new pair of shoes every month after a dog disappearance. But I hate to speculate.

  1. Shopping melts away all feelings of sadness for me. There is something about spending money that cures me...

  1. When I fail to win an argument with you I will correct your grammar. In public. Yes, I'm very brutal.

  1. I don’t eat anything that needs me to use my hands and not a knife and fork in public or at  ceremonies, I’m very clumsy, I had a chicken neck land on a bride’s dress at a wedding where I was a flower girl, I disappeared almost instantly.

  1. I can’t ride a bicycle.

  1. I've taken French classes since Grade four. I still cant speak French (Dimwit)

  1. I'm a neat freak...and I turned my 7 year old niece to a neat freak,  as soon as she became a neat freak I laid back and became messy...she now scolds me on how I put my  purses and my messy closet, once, she threatened to cane me.

  1. I write poems and songs... when I was 12 I recorded a whole a whole album on my computer and just when I set the release date for my family, the computer crashed, I still believe it was my parents sabotaging my music career

  1. I don’t watch television at home no reason in particular.  I listen to all the latest music on radio and watch my favorite shows and news online. So whenever I go out to a restaurant and they have a TV for some reason I glare at the Television like I've never seen one. It’s so embarrassing, once I blurted out so loud 'Look, TBC is on DSTV,’ ‘wow, what channel is that one' on a date with my then boyfriend, he was so embarrassed he gave me money to buy myself a TV two weeks later. Till date, I never bought that much shoes....at one go.
  2. I’m a terrible liar, my tone changes, my eyes flicker, I fidget and If I’m holding something, I will drop it.
  3. I’m a history  and cartoon Junkie.
  4. My Name is Ekela/Ekel/  in the village, You will never find a Jacqueline Lawrence when you’re in Mbeya, I had a friend who came to visit and searched for my house a whole day…because no one knew who Jackie Lawrence was in the neighborhood, my next door neighbor even asked her ‘This Jackie Lawrence, is she white?’…I always use my village name in the countryside
  5. When I’m alone , I put on a British accent, cook and pretend I’m on the food channel. I call myself Jackie Oliver.  I’ve been secretly  filmed doing this twice by a friend in college, making noodles and eggs. She is still blackmailing me with those videos.