Project Tribe In Chichia London

Nessa and Luna, Together they make,Project Tribe. They're two girls from Miami Florida with a vision. A movement, embracing fashion uniqueness and creativity across the world. They take on Chichia London!

We’ve been told that due to technological advances in our generation we are more disconnected than ever before. This movement proves the exact opposite. We realized through social media we were able to connect people all over the world! We were able to establish authentic friendships, inspire one another, share with one another, all while being on opposite ends of the world. With so many digital resources and technology advance, we all share this earth and we feel are actually more connected than ever. Through this same social forum a friendship between Luna and I started to build. We are the prime example of social networks bringing people together. What started out as just “liking” pics has turned into a movement we put together to Inspire and connect women   A {Tribe} is where people express their uniqueness and sense of community in an agglomerate of tasks, all for a common goal: Care for one another. 
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