When I was young My mother told me something I always practice, smile at people who smile at you, wave to people who wave at you, and if a kid at school gives you a snack, tomorrow give them a snack too.
Reciprocate. Meet people half away .
I worked in a small little media firm back when I was in college. My Colleagues were as young as me, some younger.
We were writers, cartoonists, journalists, graphic designers, tech junkies… and we had a an awful boss (Sorry Mr. Kumar) he was quite temperamental that one, infact we had name for him, ‘The mask’ it seemed at one moment he was awful nice the next he was unrecognizable, he would take light mistakes to high dimensions ad crucify us, literally that is. We were all young, for some it was our first jobs we were terrified of him. When he used to walk in the office I would almost immediately start typing utter nonsense on my desktop, once I typed for 30 minutes straight while he was walking around the cubicles, unaware that the power had just gone off. 
What we didn’t understand back then was, this guy would try as hard as he could to provide us with anything we needed to get our jobs done in time, but we always hit him excuses and delays, we took things quite easily,…hey whats the rush? We always have tomorrow… oh dear this drove him insane, it took us a while to understand, we were not meeting him halfway.  He was giving us 70% and we were giving him 30.
That’s the most terrible thing you could do to someone. Give them 30.
I take it in everything I do, when someone entrusts you with something, give them their trusts worth. Reciprocate.

Many of us are selfish, we believe we are receivers, in some sick twisted way we always want to be on the receiving end. Oh my darling, no one will give you that much if your not a giver yourself.  If you want anyone to ever give that much, you have to meet them halfway
Someone once told me a story, about a man named Dave, he was a deeply religious man,  and was in financial trouble, he always prayed to his God to help him out "God, I'm about to lose my car. Please help me. Let me win the lottery." Lottery night comes, but sadly, Dave is not the winner. Things go from bad to worse. Without a car to get to work, Dave loses his job. Without a job, he couldn’t  pay rent, and he loses his home. Without a home, his wife leaves him, taking the kids. After each horrible step in the mounting crisis, he pleads with God to let him win the lottery, but he never does. Finally, broke, hungry, living on the street, he tries again. "God, please, my life is a wreck. I have no car, no home, no family. Please let me win the lottery just this once so that I can turn my life around. I beseech you."
Suddenly, a flash of light rends the sky, and the voice of God echoes down from the heavens. "Dave, meet me halfway. Buy a ticket."

So you see friends, we could all be Daves, but  we can get only as much as we give.  And it is quite a scary situation we put people in when we want receive but never want to give to them.
Have you ever gone Bungee jumping? Its ridiculous. I don’t even know why people do those things such unAfrican hobbies, jumping from crazy heights held by some rubber ‘for fun’ , ha! Not me!  In 2008 one Durban man made a elastic bungee jumping cord from condoms only and jumped off a 100 ft tower, I know right, white people. Just when you think you seen it all. Sigh.

Now imagine this,Your tied to this elactic cord looking down at a cliff and up is the sky, as your ready to jump fear kicks in but you know the cord will hold you, uncoil, so you jump, free falling ……you’re 2 feet from the ground, and you realize the cord isn’t elastic at all. You could die you know. And that’s what  it feels like.  When you don’t reciprocate.