Allan Kingdom

Allan Kingdom, Image by Jason Swenson
You've probably heard Kanye West's new song 'All Day' featuring Theophillus London, Paul Mccartney and the 21yr old Raper and Producer Allan Kingdom (Allan Kyagira) who he brought out at Brit Awards 2015...and you're wondering..who is this kid? a 21 year old Tanzanian South African rapper/producer residing in Canada St. Paul
 Allan told Online Magazine Green label Magazine how it all began  when he met his mentor who makes all of the executive decisions for his music,industry veterans Plain Pat. The story goes,
when Kingdom was around 17 he made friends with some of Plain Pat’s friends on Twitter, until it became possible to connect with him personally. He then begged his mom to pay for a trip out to New York, after Pat complimented his production chops as being “intimidating,” seeing as he was still in high school at the time. That led to him meeting Cudi’s entire (former) team from the days of that mixtape and Man on the Moon: The End of Day.
“I was like, to my mom, ‘This is really important to me. I don’t even need a car or anything,’” remembers Kingdom. “So I went out there and got to meet him in the studio with Emile and DJ Kaslow and I was playing ‘Uvaje’d’ for them and they were like, ‘Wow, that’s wild.’”
Before that trip, Kingdom recorded a lot in his mother’s-pastor’s-son’s home studio, where he polished some of his recording skills. As far back as age nine or 10, Kingdom recorded songs with his mom in a studio on top of their church, releases for which his mom and uncle created album art of a young Kingdom in the children’s museum. During those early sessions his mom routinely made him swap his lyrics for Christian ones, even though she recognized his gift—along with his caretakers—and encouraged him from the day he began crooning harmonies overtop of songs on the car radio. Even when his mother put a stop to that, he picked up poetry, then quite naturally fell into hip-hop when he was exposed to it in 3rd grade.
“As a child, I always thought of it as my career,” says Kingdom. “I never wanted to do anything else. When I was like five or six I said I wanted to be like a fireman or an astronaut, but I only really wanted to be a musician.”
The Canadian/Tanzanian is pretty popular back in Canada and states a quiet buzz worth artist to watch out for this year, watch his Clossed Session Documentary know about him below

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