O Magazine 15th Anniversary!

For 15 years Oprah has been gracing her own Cover of the 'The Oprah Magazine' And for 15 years she has been slaying it!
There was a joke I used to tell my friends I dont know why people complain when editors feature themselves in their own magazines Oprah has graced her own cover for 15 years! And she only shares it....

with another Oprah! So you're really special if Oprah shared a cover with you haahaaa..
See what she had to say about the Magazine below and see more of her O covers....which one is your fave?

On her dream for the O, The Oprah Magazine: “For the past 15 years, we’ve been able to fulfill on a monthly basis, the original dream for this magazine. The original dream is that it would be a manual or a guide to meet women exactly where they are in the their lives and to help them elevate and exalt their lives in such a way that they could literally live their best lives.”
On past cover shoots: “The covers are always great experiences. I remember being in a waterfall in Puerto Rico with my hair wet and my clothes wet and I remember feeling like, ‘Oh! So this is the glamorous life of doing magazine covers.”
On how proud she is of the magazine: “I just don’t know a magazine that better fits women where they are in their lives without the expectation that they have to be anything other than who they really are. Our magazine is really about enhancing who you are, not saying you have to be like or do like anybody else.”