Are we really benefiting from All Our Gold?

We're said to be the land of many blessings (shamba la bibi) although rarely does the ordinary Tanzanian really benefit much from all this, is it our techniques? Lack of monitoring or processing units thats wearing us down...rarely do we talk about the small scale farmers, small scale miners...what are they doing? Are they getting what they should from their sectors? You decide....This Video was supposed to show how much Tanzanians in the gold sector a benefiting but it makes you look at it with a second this all we get?
This is a 13-minute film produced by the International Institute for Environment and Development for a 'visioning workshop' in April 2015 that brought together artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) stakeholders to generate a shared vision for the sector.The film comprises footage and interviews to tell the human story of gold mining in Geita District, northwest Tanzania.More than 3,000 people work for the large-scale open pit Geita mine operated by AngloGold Ashanti.