Prince Harry To Join Anti Poaching Campaigns in Sealous For 3 months

The Ginger Bachelor is  coming to Tanzania and I recently just got single....coincidence? I think not....also I've had an epiphany... Im interested in saving elephants! Is Sealous hiring, coz I can do anything really ... I'm not

Prince Harry of UK is to embark on a three-month assignment in Africa, working in the area of conservation in Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.Harry’s father Prince Charles and elder brother Prince William organised a major conference, in London, on the illegal wildlife trade in February 2014, aimed at saving endangered species like rhinos, tigers and elephants from poachers.President Jakaya Kikwete attended the conference during which support was galvanized to boost Dar’s own war with poachers who are now thought to have decimated up to 60 per cent of the country’s elephant population.
Prince Harry’s itinerary in Tanzania is yet to be made public but it is believed that he will join one of the several ongoing campaigns under the government and private organisations to protect elephants in the Selous National Park from poachers.The BBC reported on Friday that in southern Africa, the Prince will be involved in “front-line conservation projects,” having developed a programme with conservation experts, including those from the Zoological Society of London (ZSL). The same organisation works in Tanzania.He will learn about environmental education programmes as well as working “at the sharp end of wildlife protection,” joining rangers who respond to reports of poaching attacks on elephants and rhino, and spending time with vets who try to save animals after attacks, BBC reported.Jonathan Baillie, director of conservation programmes at ZSL, said: “After this period, Prince Harry will be one of the best-informed ambassadors for the conservation community on what is really happening on the ground in Africa. His experience will be of great value.”