Spotlight: An Nisa Abayas

An Nisa Abayas by Tanzanian born Luxury Abaya designer Fatmah Yakub, who goes an extra mile to make her trendy abayas... I especially love how the plays with her fabric from Moroccan theme to middle eastern as I came across her Eid Lookbook 2015..trendy huh...her page  on instagram for purchasers...Eid is coming soon..thank me later!

'Rather than opting to design your typical Middle Eastern-inspired abayas, Fatmah has taken it one step further by incorporating international fashion trends into her designs, with a large focus on fabrics and prints. Take, for example, her abayas that incorporate snakeskin print fabric, animal print, oriental floral print, military-style studs and hardware and black lace over an underlay of bold blue fabric (this season's big lace trend). She has also done things I have never seen before - take her abaya-style cape which is the perfect modest and chic solution to throw over your skinny-jeans and top combo, and an abaya made completely out of leopard print fabric'- UnderyourAbaya 
See her 2015 Kaftan Collection Below