Smart Solutons:The Tanzania Heritage Project

In a continent where history is far from well preserved Tanzania is working at being the different nation in ensuring our history is not long forgotten. By Digitizing 100,000 hours of rare audio recordings from the archives of the public broadcaster from interviews with Michael Jackson, Mohammed Ali to Speeches by the Late Mwl. Nyerere!

The Tanzania Heritage Project is a cultural and historic preservation initiative dedicated to the conservation and celebration of Tanzania’s rich national heritage, its registered as an NGO founded by a small group of students, artists, and activists who are passionate about preserving the rich cultural history of the country and making it available to a wider audience, this organization seeks to ensure the continued use, enjoyment, and relevance of all forms of creative expression that exist in Tanzanian culture, to foster celebration of the country’s national heritage, and to preserve it for future generations.
The Tanzania Heritage Project raises awareness and support for the preservation, digitization, and restoration of priceless audio collections and endangered cultural heritage in Tanzania. We want to revive the audio-musical history of East Africa by providing a platform to amplify the sounds of the past and the voices of artists, communities, and cultures who want to keep their heritage alive.Our mission is to save endangered music and share it with listeners around the world. We hope you’ll join us!- THP instagram
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