Weddings we Loved: Shaista & Abu

Shahista & Abu 
August 8th 2015 Wedding  (Yes Im late I know
Now this was one Glamorous wedding

Watch the video and see more pictures below. 
Did I forget to mention this couple has a website for their wedding?! #balling
Read their lovestory and relive their wedding and go through their vast wedding gallery!

Abu and Shaista met way back when in 1998, when Abu was 13 and Shaista was 12 years old, when they were in school. With a ton of mutual friends, Abu and Shaista have kept in touch for all these years.
In 2005/2006 Abu moved to London for a year off before beginning his MBA in the US. Shaista was in London at this time completing her undergraduate and they bumped into each other and rekindled their friendship.-