Weddings We Loved

Vida and Daniel Erickson
26 Sept 2015
Arumeru River Lodge

Vida rocked this simplistic South African Biji Brown Dress

And this is my wedding dress story. 8month ago I went to South Africa, tried on a bunch of wedding dresses. I have never felt so uncomfortable,Suffocated and very itchy. Being a casual wear designer speaks a lot about my personality. Clean & clear. I knew exactly what I wanted for my special day. I decided to go for a wedding expo in South Africa to get inspired. Collected a bunch of contacts & visited each one of them. I finally met the one I wanted to work with. I wrote down everything I wanted to be on my dress. I knew I wanted a deep V neck dress and I def wanted to have my brand name on it as VM. I wanted an intimate, classy, beautiful wedding with very close family & friends. I visited the designer, discussed my details and we developed the actual look. Here is the first sketch to my beautiful dress. I wanted swarosky stones on my name and a sexy back opening. I wanted a clean silk white dress. I wanted a simple train since the front is very dramatic. I wanted a simple vail but long one. I have never felt soo special, beautiful and just as classy as the day I put it on. I will keep my dress. I will wear it again until I cannot fit in it anymore. I would like to thank @biji_la_maison in South Africa for making my day this speacial and memorable, Dreamable and I was very happy all day and thank you for transforming my real personality to this dress. Just exactly what I dreamt of. "I cant stop dreaming". -VIDA

Flaviana and Deo Massawe
August 15th 2015