Senegalese Migrant Wins Big in Spanish Lottery!

The kind of news you want to start your year to...They say in just a day everything could change, do you believe them?

A Senegalese migrant named Nguema Ngagne, who has lived in Spain for eight years, won 400,000 euros (roughly $438,000) in this year's El Gordo ("the fat one") lottery, El Gordo lottery ruling involved $2.45 billion in prizes, with the maximum drawing being about $496 million. Ngagne was one of many entrants who bought a cheaper, 20-euro ticket with a lower payout. Altogether, a staggering 24 million people win prizes each year, with 1,000 winning the maximum amount.
About 35 African migrants won prizes in El Gordo in 2015, meaning Ngagne is not the only person with a similar story to suddenly find themselves in good fortune. -The Telegraph