Tanzania Ranked 8th Most Beautiful Country in the World

The Community on Buzzfeed sure had a lot to say about Tanzania on the 20 Most beautiful countries in the world list ,we were number 8. With the Top most beautiful countries being South Africa USA, New Zealand, China, Namibia, Argentina, Colombia, Tanzania, Italy and Kenya, in that order..and yes...we passed Italy.....Ministry of Tourism where are you?
But How did we not make it to No. 1... Have they not counted all our national parks properly, did someone show them Mafia?...lol

Land of the Serengeti, Lake Victoria, Lake Natron and  Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar, the Spice Islands, Dar Es Salaam and a million more, Tanzania is almost beyond belief.
Mount Kilimanjaro rises over 3 miles above the surrounding plains, making it one of the world’s two mountains with greatest vertical relief, together with our own McKinley. It is also the largest free standing mountain in the world.
Birthplace of Freddie Mercury, the country is one of the very best wildlife destinations on earth. During the great migrations between Kenya’s Maasai Mara and Tanzania’s Serengeti, which means ‘Endless Plains’, the largest migration of mammals in the world takes place. This spectacle sees millions of animals moving in search of better grazing and prey, and has been called the greatest sight on Earth. In February alone, an estimated 500,000 wildeest calves are born on the planes! The immense flamingo flocks that dominate Lake Manyara and Lake Natron are breathtaking, and this is made all the more stunning by the fact that Natron itself is a vivid pink color due to its chemical content. Tanzania is almost too beautiful to believe.-