Smart Solutions: Tanzanian Scientist Creates Low Cost Water Filter

The Solutions of Africa's Problems must come from Africa, sure thing I always stand by and  one Tanzanian Scientist is living proof example
Askwar Hilonga and Malcolm Brinded
Askwar Hilonga showing people his water filter invention
Askwar Hilonga created a water filter that absorbs substances like copper, fluoride, bacteria and pesticides. He hopes that his invention will help the 70% of households in Tanzania that don't have clean drinking water.The Tanzanian chemical engineer uses nanotechnology and sand to clean water.He told the BBC his invention should help the 70% of households in Tanzania that do not have clean drinking water.The prize, worth £25,000 ($38,348), was the first of its kind from the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering.Head Judge Malcolm Brinded said, "His innovation could change the lives of many Africans, and people all over the world." The Royal Academy of Engineering aims to help sub-Saharan African engineers to develop solutions to African challenges into businesses. - BBC