US Aid Agency Pulls $472 Million worth of Aid From Tanzania

US government aid agency has pulled $472m (£331m) of funding for a Tanzanian electricity project after criticising elections in Zanzibar.The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) said the vote "was neither inclusive nor representative".The October election for president of the semi-autonomous archipelago was cancelled half way through the count.The opposition boycotted the re-run in March which incumbent President Mohamed Ali Shein won with 91% of the vote.
The money was intended to be spent on improving the availability and reliability of electricity in rural areas.This was in addition to $700m the US had given to the Tanzanian government in 2008 to improve transport, energy and water.- BBC
Well the president issued a statement on the matter, he on the other hand has an anti-aid phenomenon

"We need to stand on our own! If you are a farmer, you need to farm hard, if you are a fisherman, fish hard or if you are employed anywhere then work hard so that Tanzania [and] Tanzanians can get rid of donor dependence."
President John Magufuli