Kijana Jiajiri!

Nothing more comforting than seeing programmes supporting young Tanzanian entrepreneurs, Are you an entrepreneur? Hop on to Kijana Jiajiri they'e supporting young entrepreneurs all across Tanzania, see some of their work below

Kijana Jiajiri is a dedicated programme to promote entrepreneurship among under-served young Tanzanians and provide them with the practical support they need to get started and grow in business.The overall goal of the programme is to empower young Tanzanians to establish or enhance their businesses through which they can provide employment to themselves and others, create wealth and fight poverty.Kijana Jiajiri is being implemented jointly by Youth Business International, the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), and Tanzania Entrepreneurship and Competiveness Centre (TECC). In its initial 12 month pilot phase (Q2 2015 – Q1 2016), Kijana Jiajiri aims to operate in two locations and support 200 young adults with entrepreneurship training and create 100 business start-ups.