Lisu Moshi: A little taste of Dar Es Salaam in Britain!

Designs Dreamt of in Dar es Salaam, designed in London,Lisu Moshi is a new British womenswear brand founded in London.  (check her out below as she rocks her own designs)

Lisu Moshi is a British born, Tanzanian who grew up all over Africa and Europe.  As a result of her parents living in hardship zones across Africa, all the family’s clothes had to be made at home.  It was at this early stage that her apprenticeship began, while making clothes with her mother inspired by the things around them and what few magazines they were able to acquire.  From a young age, Lisu accompanied her mother on fabric buying trips across the world, from the bustling outdoor African markets, where every imaginable fabric could be found, to the smarter stores of Europe.
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