We Have Helium!

How More may God Bless us!  Recent shortages proved Helium would have been all used up by 2035, it is the second most abundant element in the universe!
 Scientists have discovered helium gas field in the Tanzanian Rift Valley. It could help address a shortage of the rare element, which is used in MRI scanners, space exploration vehicles, and nuclear energy.Researchers from the UK’s Durham and Oxford universities working with Helium One, a Norwegian helium exploration company, experimented with a new discovery method and uncovered a “world class” field around the volcanoes of the Rift Valley. The researchers say volcanic activity in the Rift Valley releases helium buried in ancient rocks, which rises up and becomes trapped in shallower gas fields.The amount of helium is estimated at more than 54 billion cubic feet - which could potentially meet global demand for several years!
Well, did you guys see Comedy show Stephen Colbert's take on Helium in Tanzania?