Mustafa Shines @ Kenya Fashion Awards 2016

Earlier this month on September 3rd, Nairobi, our designer Mustafa Hassanali was awarded East Africa Designer of of the year 2016  @ Kenya Fashion Awards 2016! 
Expressing his Joys the Designer said 
"I would like to take this opportunity to THANK ALMIGHTY ALLAH for bestowing me the passion for fashion and giving me the zeal & Zest to nurture and grow mines and those surrounding me talents to its best possible capability humanly possible"
Having showcase in 31 cities in 21 countries globally, I strongly advocate "if I Can so can You"This award isn't just for me, but for my country TANZANIA too, not firgetting all those people who have been part of my fashion journey which began with my first dress won by HOYCE Temu As she was crowned Miss Tanzania 1999.
A big THANK YOU to my family, my partner, My TEAM (EX, current and deceased R.I.P staff) my friends, my clients(All Important), sponsors, investors, producers, various global fashion platform I have showcased , haters and last but not least ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
Thank you and shout out to all those who voted for me...YOU DID IT" - Mustafa Hassanali
We Must say are might proud of him for this!