Praying For Kagera

God Be with all the families affected by the earthquake!  #Praying For Kagera
The death toll is said to be 17 while 253 people are injured.

The Prime Minister organzed afundraising event held in Dar es Salaam, Mr Kassim Majaliwa got a total of 1.396bn/ - in cash and pledges collected. Meanwhile, in Dodoma, Members of Parliament (MPs) agreed to have their sitting allowances, amounting to 85.58m/- re-routed to support the victims.
Through the Prime Minister's office Disaster Management Department,  an account has been openedat CRDB Bank named ‘’Kamati ya Maafa Kagera 0152225617300’’ I urge my fellow Tanzanians to contribute to help our fellow countrymen!
Other embassies that handed over their donations during the event included China (100m/-) and the Chinese business community who also contributed 100m/- while Kuwait donated 50m/-.Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF) Chairman, Dr Reginald Mengi donated 110m/-, Mohamed Dewji 100m/-, Tanzania Breweries Limited (TBL) 100m/-, retail oil dealers 250m/- Kenya High Commissioner to Tanzania Chirau Ali Mwakwere said a truck convoy carrying humanitarian assistance for the quake victims is on its way to Kagera. The government has also announced a charity walk, which took place in Dar es Salaam on Saturday to raise more funds for the victims.
See the full list of contributors blow,
= TBL contributed  100 M

= Azania Group Gave 20M

= Fuel retail business men will contribute and hand in by Friday of this week a total of  250M 

= Kagera Sugar contributed 100M together with  10 tons of sugar.

= Serengeti contributed saruji 800 bags

= Pepsi Cola 50 M

= And finally Regnald Mengi gives from IPP Media contributed 110 M

= Protas Ishengoma contributed 5M

= GBP, MOIL and OILCOM promised to build two schools (Ihungo and Nyakato) which were completely destroyed by the disaster.

= Puma contributed 50 M

= Agusta Tanzania contributed 10 M

= Camel Oil contributed 1,000 bags of Cement

= Tippa contributed  20 M

= Orexy contributed 50 M

= Muslims of Al-Shafy, Ijumaa and Adhuhuri contributed 1M

= Sahara Tanzania contributed 20M

Ministry of home affaires will lead the meeting of all other sectors around the nation that can help beginning from  Police Oysterbay and so on.


Minister Charles Mwijage total all that came

 in as follows:

1. Money collected cash 646 M

2. Pledges 705 M

3. US dollars 10,000$

4. Euro 10,000€

5. Bags of cement  2800 bags

6. Promise to build two sxhools within  30 days

GRAND TOTAL, Billion 1, with  more than 300 M