Smart Solutions: WaterTek, Digitizing Water Bill Payment in Rural Areas

WaterTek is a digital water supply management platform for Governments, NGOs, Private Organizations and Donor funded water projects in Africa.WaterTek uses a digital card enabling end users to pay their water bills before using with the WaterTek tap card, from their WaterTek tap or WaterTek metre!Founded by Lilian Mokoi and Christopher Rabi, WaterTek Africa digitises the rural water system. WaterTek does service fee collections from people using the digital tap metre and a tap card to pay for their water.

“The fees are often used to maintain the schemes. Our role is to improve service fee collections..,” writes the company. “This ensures transparency and it is an efficient way to collect service fees from users and effectively maintain the water supply sources and infrastructure!

One innovation that has left me awwed. Props to Lillian and her husband from Edgepoint!  See more of this innovation on their website:watertek