Achievers: Aviation, Bosco Temu

In a generation where  young people are more focused on ‘cool’ there are plenty that dare to reach for horizons that seem impossible to some, in Aviation Industry, There’s Bosco! At 23, He is the youngest and one of the very few local aviation company CEO! There are currently 20 Aviation companies operating flights in Tanzania, only 5 are locally owned!

LPW: Tell us About you're upbringing in Tanzania

My name is Bosco G.Temu, Tanzanian by nationality. I’m an entrepreneur, Businessman and a Pilot.
The CEO  and Owner of Raven Air Tanzania which is an Air charter company currently operation,  that provides Air services such as Sky Dive, Private Charter Flights, Medical Evacuation, Aerial Works and helicopter flights. 

LPW: Your Journey in Aviation
 I started my journey by becoming a Pilot, parents didn’t have enough
Money for my Pilot training and had few pilot friends who helped me paying 3 quarter of the Pilot training fees while my parents  paid the rest of the money. I was the Best in Class and best student Pilot in a Pilot Training School ‘Mosswood Aviation’ currently known as Tanzania Pilot Training Center and was able to graduate and Issued my Pilot License by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority(TCAA) and to this day I fly regularly. I recently opened my Air Charter Company to offer Sky Dive services which no other Charter or Airline in Tanzania provides and other Air services including Medical Evacuation,
Private Charter flights, Aerial Advertising, Air Spray, Helicopter flights and more.  

LPW: Was the process of establishing  an aviation/airline company Difficult ?

Yes It was. starting a Charter or Airline Company needs licenses from 3 different authorities which are BRELA,TRA and Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority(TCAA) which takes minimum 3-6 months until you can start operations.
Another challenge is Start Capital/Fund! The License fee costs up to 4000USD,
Purchasing or Leasing an Aircraft, Crew/personnel demands even more! 

LPW: What challenges did you face when you first got into the Aviation industry?

The Biggest challenge I faced after getting my Pilot license was getting employment in the industry,
Getting flying opportunities  either freelance or privately hired. A lot of pilots in the industry are foreigners and get to work for most of the Companies owned by foreigners so many Tanzanian Pilots face this challenge after getting their licenses, little employment, few local companies.
Other challenges include flying experience, getting Specific Aircraft rating like for Cessna208B Grand Carravan (1 Pilot 12 Passenger) we call this a bush plane, it is mostly used in Tanzania for non-Schedule and Schedule flights by Charter or Airline Companies.

LPW: How do you find the market in Aviation in Tanzania?

 Tanzanian Aviation Industry is still growing so many opportunities for work or
Investing in this Industry are still available. Many air services are not offered yet, Pilots and Engineers are highly demanded in the next 2-5years to come and for the investors It is like a Gold Mine waiting to be found. 

LPW: Who are your biggest competitors and Why?

I don’t have any competitors yet because my Company is offering new and unique
Air services that no other company is currently providing and these air services  ‘Sky Dive, Aerial Advertising, Air Spray/Crop Dusting, Search and Rescue, helicopter Flights for Charter/Fire Fighting/Scenic etc’
 The ultimate and creative services that will  now be available, they were very high in demand when I started my company.

LPW: What do you feel needs to be bettered in the industry?

It is very expensive to operate a Charter or Airline company in Tanzania due to fuel costs being extremely high, operating fees from Navigation/Radio fee/license fee etc, and if the Authority will reduce these operating costs it will help a lot of Operators in the country and may also reduce air service costs to passengers.

LPW: What can you tell other people who are interested in the aviation industry as pilots and as entrepreneurs? 

Never Give Up, becoming
What you always wanted  to be isn’t simple but there are different and many ways to get there by time progress. Lots of Parents can’t afford Pilot Training but you can work and save your salary for your training and still get to become a Pilot no matter your  age. There is no age limit to become a pilot as long as you are mentally and physically fit.

There were so many hardships I overcame like the fear of not being
able to achieve my dreams due to economic instability, most times, I felt like giving up. I was able to keep going because I was busy finding new ways to reach my dreams by familiarizing with specific people who I share common Interest with, and  have achieved their dreams, and I took most of my time focusing on what I want and not things I didn’t need at that particular time. Research and investigation is extremely important and  putting a lot of  faith and believing  in all that you want to do.

LPW: As a part of the new Companies in the industry, Do you feel there is fair treatment from Authorities for  local carriers and international carriers?

There is no unfair treatment from TCAA
The authority wants to see both Local and International carriers thrive or co exist together in harmony in ensuring Tanzania's Aviation industry is growing and opportunities are presented to those who meet the terms and conditions set by the authority.

LPW: Lastly, Being a young entrepreneur fresh in the industry, how do you balance work and personal life?
 I give 60% to work and 40% in
Personal life, I workout to keep my brain and body active all the time. I have a scheduled time table for everything within the week and I never let my personal life interfere with my work life.

LPW: Any parting words for young aspiring entrepreneurs?

I do believe everyone and anyone is capable to achieve anything and everything

If your put your heart and soul into it, having faith and never give up in what your believe in. Most importantly, do what to love because If you love what you do things tend to fall in place automatically in the effort you put into it. Be with friends who bring Positive thoughts and make more friends who you share common Interest with, they will help you achieve greatness and eventually achieve your Dream!  

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