Smart Solutions-Sibusisiwe: Gnosis Training

Over the past 6 weeks I have taken part in a Professional Development Program, Mandela Washington Fellowship by the United States Government @Notre Dame University, and I have gotten to meet 24 fabulous young people from 20 Countries in Africa whom I am proud to have meet,  because they all are doing something for Africa and offering smart solutions  to problems and opportunities in their countries, before I arrived for the program I got a chance to view their profiles and I was intimidated! These guys looked so brilliant I didn’t think I could share a room with them, until I met them, one by one…Gosh they were the funniest most amazing young Africans I have ever met.
 I’d like to share My personal experience with each of them and of course their amazing Initiative in solutions for Africa; Smart Solutions for Africa!

Allow me to share a story for each of them along with their smart solution.

 Sibusisiwe Mashoko is a finance expert and accountant from Zimbabwe who specializes in microfinance, financial literacy, and women’s empowerment.Sibu is the founder of Gnosis Training, the provide market based business skills training in Zimbabwe,  and Match pre-vetted borrowers and lenders, they provide content for classrooms and mobile phones.

 She might seem pretty serious, but you sist next her you're laughing all day. She is the type of person who can brighten your day.