Solange Knowles For AnOther Magazine

Solange Knowles on the 2017 Autumn slash Winter issue of AnOther Magazine.
She talked about variety of things, being a backup dancer for her sister at age 13, to writing her own solo album. 
I always love her sense of individual style.

'My charge as a musician always comes from the sonics, from the storytelling, from the scenic visualisation.
She also said she got immersed into the jetsetting lifestyle at the young age of 13 while performing as a back up dancer with the 90s group Destiny's Child.
She said: 'One of their dancers was pregnant and I was asked to fill in for the summer as I wasn’t at school. I was super stoked – I would get to dance all summer, be with my family, and do what I love to do.
'I was immersed in being in Tokyo one day and in Berlin the next. I was given space to explore.
Solange added: 'I would go to London, and Björk and The Chemical Brothers were on the radio, things that were shaping and molding me in a way that they might not have as early on if I had not been travelling.'
'It wasn’t really until A Seat At The Table that I really even felt like I figured out how to use my voice, and even still, it is a work in progress.'- Solange ,AnOther Magazine