Materializing From Social Media: 19Yr Old Girl Signed to Next Models After Photo wen Viral

Yes it happened, A South Sudanese-American university student  just got signed ton NEXT models after her photo went viral on Instagram! Anok Yai is only 19!
This is the photo that went viral 

“When the Instagram post got to a couple thousand and it just kept going higher and higher, I was surprised,And I was happy. I always wanted it to happen, but it was something I never expected.I got an email from a modelling agency. They said they were interested in having me and they had me call them. And they just set up tons of interviews and it just went on from there.”
Next Models is a Global Modeling Agency , it made contracts with the TV show America's Next Top Model. The Contract those girls are competed for in the 20th Cycle ...was for NEXT. time ANTM made contracts with Next.

It was while wandering through the festival on Friday October 21 that Miss Yai bumped into photographer Steve Hall, who was taking pictures for his fashion website The SUNK. He told the student he thought she should be a model and she posed for a few pictures for him.When Mr Hall posted the photograph to his Instagram account it soon started to garner widespread attention and has since been liked over 14 thousand times on the social media platform. The student's own Instagram following also began to mushroom in the wake of the post and rose from 300 to over 50,000 this week.As a child she dreamed of becoming a model and avidly watched the hit show America’s Next Top Model with her sister.But she feared she would not be able to make it in such an overcrowded industry and decided to instead study biochemistry at Plymouth State University, with a view to eventually becoming a doctor.