Miss Grand International: Batuli Shines in Top 10

Miss Grand international 2017  might be Maria Jose from Peru but our girl Batuli Mohammed sure did us proud..She was in the top 10, the only African girl in the top 10 by the way....The 20 year old gave the other African girls a run for their money..lol

Miss Grand International 2017 Maria Jose From Peru

The pageant actually, has a very interesting underlying cause...Miss Grand International is a beauty contest aimed at participating in creating peace and stopping war. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, under the auspices of the Miss Grand International Organization Participants, license holders and sponsors can participate locally, nationally and internationally to encourage education and awareness, and that is the aim of Miss Grand International (MGI) Beauty Pageant through their STOP THE WAR and VIOLENCE campaign. The messages will be delivered across the world, at regional, national and global events, in print, online and on television.Hence the job of the Winner is to be the message to Stop War and Violence.