Happy Festive Season Everyone!

I enjoy Mondays.
I do,
I enjoy the morning green tea accompanied by a fruit or a chapatti depending on my mood, after a long weekend, the smell of papers and new opportunities the week has to bring sends me to a frenzy.
Someone once told me, if you hate Mondays, you don’t like your job.  So this is a call for you next year. To do what you love.

I’m trying something new next year…setting my priorities and sticking to them, So I'm gonna help you too if  you let me...couple things you need to do next year...I turned twenty something (yes Im not telling you my age, no , never naah)   a few days ago and I decided my time will not be wasted…More Blogging, More radio, More LOOOVE, More family, all pre planned and documented.

- Next year please try, write down every thing you want to do and work hard to achieve it, set little goals that will help you reach your big goals.
- Do everything you you ever wanted to do. DO IT. Stop procrastinating...except illegal stuff, unless you want to know what a jail cell looks like of course
-Learn the art of shutting up! God I need this one, even when someone crosses you...shut up! Dont talk about them or to them. Everywhere even on social media...I could go on for ages on twitter when I'm trying to get my point across, no one is ever listening in an argument I have learned....try to calmly walkaway and teach people when they are less angry. 
-Read More! Learn new things everyday
-Make friends with people you look upto, surround yourself with people who inspire you 
-Learn the art of forgiving without needing an apology. You will be so much happier, stop seeking closure.
And most importantly. PRAY. I think I have people slowly running away from me because I keep emphasizing the importance of prayer in their lives every time we talk...

My Brother in-law is an a amazing photographer that made sure I look amazing in all angles, I actually got a lil chubby stopped counting calories…no gym next year, just home workouts *shrug *, I just hate sweating while people are watching really.…Does anyone know if those round butt exercises on youtube actually work? … *logs off*

By the way this was the hardest thing I had to do…I’m not a poser…so I was traditionally nyakyusa in all of them…tarmac, flowers…u name it..Happy Festive Season! 

La Princessa

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Images- MoraniMedia