Did You Know?: The First Woman Run Safari Camp in the World is in Serengeti!

Nothing excites me more than women pioneering in fields where we were left Forgotten, today I give you, Angel Namshali of Dunia Camp!

The daughter of a poor subsistence farmer, Namshali has established the only safari resort in the world run entirely by women, guards, chefs, waiters, you name it, all women! Last week, the camp climbed to second spot on TripAdvisor’s list of the best places to stay out of the 128 in the Serengeti.

‘I never went to university’,  ‘I would have loved to. I did well at school, I won a scholarship to secondary school and was selected to go to university but my parents couldn’t afford it. We were six children. My dad sold a cow to try to raise the funds to send me to University in Dar es Salaam but he needed to pay my younger brothers’ school fees too.  There was no money left over to send me to university; I cried for weeks.’

We started our all-women camp in 2016. It wasn’t easy at first, and some of the women struggled with living in the bush, but I started training them about living here and how to live close to the animals. After three months, everyone was ready for it!
Whenever people from other camps come here, they are amazed at how well we have done with only women. It helps to show other companies that employing women can make a positive change to the camp, and now nearby camps are starting to employ more women.
What’s the one thing you strive for when it comes to the guest’s experience?
For me the first impression is important: how do I welcome my guests. Hospitality is in my heart, so I also look at how I host my guests because I am looking after them in my home.